Hulatanz aus Hawaii & Urlaub auf Sardinien

Ein Seminar mit Martina Hudecsek

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Seminarreisen Feldenkrais/



Ein Seminar mit Sabine Wittgens
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Stimm-Ich-Verbunden in Körper, Geist und Seele

Ein Seminar mit Gudrun Bär und Bert Linnemann,


Anjas Singreise Sardinien
Ein Seminar mit Anja Lerch
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Le Ginestre

This is the kind of sea you like: soft, clear water full of small fish swimming around you, fine, extremely white sand, sun and fast-moving clouds disappearing towards the mountains, and green all around.

Where the crystaline waters of Sardinia end, the beach full of golden sand begins. And where the fine Costa Rei sand ends, the Residence le Ginestre begins. Right on the sea, like an island on the island. Only a green, well-tended garden separates your room from the beach. Around the residence, on the right and the left, there is only green, the typical Mediterranean foliage.

You are being rocked by the waves in water that is sometimes so clear it seems invisible. Then you feel only the fine, hot sand under your feet, and nothing but a green gate separates you from the shower and the garden.

A quick shower to take off the sand, and now there is only the green grass under your feet. You are already on the veranda, already home.
And where are your sandals? There they are, by the bed. You didn't use them to go to the beach or walk along the shoreline because you didn't need them. It's an incredible place that you've always wished for, with clear, soft air; a place to rest your body and your mind. You feel good here; everything is simple and feels like home. Nothing is missing.