Hulatanz aus Hawaii & Urlaub auf Sardinien

Ein Seminar mit Martina Hudecsek

Martina Hudecsek, Mobil: +43 676 5258181,,




Seminarreisen Feldenkrais/



Ein Seminar mit Sabine Wittgens
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Stimm-Ich-Verbunden in Körper, Geist und Seele

Ein Seminar mit Gudrun Bär und Bert Linnemann,


Anjas Singreise Sardinien
Ein Seminar mit Anja Lerch
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Space for Encounters

Workshops, courses, events – and holidays!


Our "Space for Encounters" – in Italian "l´incontro" – makes the perfect match with our Residence Le Ginestre. It is the ideal place for events and encounters of all kind, independent of the weather. But even the Sardinian Winter offers awesome conditions for a time out: you can go swimming in the sea till November, and in January you can witness the harvesting of olives and oranges, and the blossoming of the almond trees. Nature is pretty in green and full of flowers.


This space is immersed in a very special energy – on the beach, in the middle of all elements of the powerful soil of Sardinia. It is the ideal place for finding your true self, and to foster inner growth.

With its light and friendly atmosphere, it is the right place for Yoga lessons, meditation sessions, presentations, conversation circles or evenings of songs.

The room can be used according to your needs: arranged with chairs, with mats or empty. There are two pianos for musical events, and a Zen-Gong. In addition you can have a massage couch.


The room is easily accessible, and ideal for up to 50 persons sitting, or for around 20 persons when lying on the floor. If you wish to stay over night: our Residence apartments offer accommodations for up to 20 persons, and more accommodations can be arranged in close vicinity.


Please feel free to ask for open time slots.